Cash or Credit?

We accept most credit and debit cards. And will take cash as long as it's not one of those bank notes that you've badly stuck together with sellotape.

Can I book tours onsite?

Absolutely! Our expert team will give you the insiders advice on how to get the most out of your trip to Dublin.

Can I choose top or bottom bunk?

Sure! Upon check-in, you get to choose whether you prefer to climb up top or lay low.

Are the team multilingual?

Ja. Oui. Si. Da. Ya. Hai. Yes - that answer your question, or do we have to go to page 2 of the Google search for more ways to say it in different languages?

Will Groups all be in rooms together?

We can only guarantee that the beds in the same room type will be allocated in the same room when booking directly! For all bookings, we allocate groups together where possible but this is not always guaranteed, like the time we had a group of Sumo Wrestlers who needed 2 beds each. Not to mention the extra towels that they needed to wrap around themselves when training in the room. Best to call us in advance and book directly with us and we will do what we can!

Can you arrange tours for Groups?

Definitely! And as we know all of the group operators and have dirt on most of them, we will even get you the best deals available. (unless they have dirt on us too, then you'll have to pay the same as everyone else).

Do Group leaders go free?

No - but we have dedicated rooms that will allow you to escape for a little 'me time' while your group have fun in our games rooms. And that kind of freedom just can't be bought..

Are hairdryers provided?

Yes, both hairdryers and straighteners are available to borrow from reception. The only thing we insist on in return, is that you let your hair down while you are visiting Dublin.

Are towels provided?

Towels are provided in private single, double and twin rooms only. Towels can be rented for €3 from reception as required.

What kind of groups do you accommodate?

All groups - College/School/Friends/Celebrations/Stags/Hens/Culture/Sport. (*Sumo wrestling groups should give advance notice, as per above)